People need two kinds of beauty – inner and outer

Young and avant-garde girl she furrowed, before the war, the Viennese region with her motorcycle.

She spent her whole days at the library of monasteries, to enrich and fulfil her knowledge of medicinal plants, to finally discover precious ancestral receipts. This knowledges and experiences have been developed in the heart of her beauty salon at Stockholm, that formed the heart for the development of her ideas of a unique natural cosmetic care method.

In 1960’s, in the last fifty years, Elisabeth Sigmund defined with Rudolph Hauschka, our range and product, well-known today by its unique application and ritual.

Using the knowledges of strength of active rhythms in the nature and the dermal natural process for developing a true concept based on autocorrection of skin, it was a totally new thing.

These fundamental ideas are still living in our products and our cares. The protocols of Dr. Hauschka is a wide world specific method still used in forty country, in institute and spa.