La Maison Dr. Hauschka…

As soon as you enter the small tree-lined courtyard, the hustle and bustle of the city fades away and you enter the intimate and poetic world of La Maison Dr. Hauschka.

For a treatment or a personalized advice, be welcomed by the team of our estheticians. All the warmth brings you in the quietness of this place.

Colors, forms and elements, everything contributes to envelop yourself in an atmosphere of harmony.

Since the entry, in a vital energy of spring, in the heart of la Maison Dr. Hauschka, you will be guided by the clearness of a little river.

Here our relaxation room is waiting for you with an infusion or a perfumed drink

While you’re receiving your treatment, you will be pleased by its walls of naturals stones which represents Earth element, and you will feel a deep and nourishing wellness as much for the body and the soul.

In the treatment room, enjoy calm and peace, while very comfortably installed on a natural latex bed, and dive into the heart of Dr. Hauschka’s experience. It’s the Art of touch in its purest form.

The esthetician kind presence is entirely dedicated to your well-being during the treatment. Silence preserved, soft lightings, delicate scents and products adapted to your skin. Rhythmical and soft gestures… you will appreciate the benefits of our treatments, with our unique protocols. During this out of time moment, far from the world to take care of yourself, everything invites you let go which nourishes and invites you to refocus only on the essential. We are looking forward to your visit with joy for an unique experience, in the one and only Maison Dr. Hauschka of world.

La Maison Dr. Hauschka is as an eco-designed location as it’s placed under signs of serenity and well-being

Take a tour with a Feng Shui perspective

Our institute welcomes you under a luminous glass roof, a natural refined universe, wood, stone and vegetation. All the colors, forms and elements are united to create sensations of harmony and a well-being nourishing for the body and soul.

The entrance is from the “East Coin” dedicated to new beginnings;

Its spring’s energy and growth, is characterized by the wood and vitality of trees. It’s like seeing the botanical garden of laboratories WALA and its watercourse flowing at his feet which immerses you and gives a feel of abundance.

Like a small river, which invites to cross the institute in a luminous atmosphere sifted, the watercourse guides us to its source to join the center of the house.

Together, the wood and the water, produce growth allowing the harvestings of fruits; as much as the medicinal plants of Dr Hauschka’s cosmetics that are cultivated by the rules and the rhythms in a biodynamic way.

The care rooms under the yin prats of La Maison Dr. Hauschka by excellence with its walls.

Totally in naturals stones that represent the earth element. It brings relaxation and the appreciation of time far from the world, to nourish and take care of oneself and to refocus only on the essential. It’s right here, in the the treatment room that our estheticians Dr. Hauschka practice the protocols of faces’ caresand bodys exclusives by the brand.

The birch, an essential plant of Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics.

The birch, symbol of pureness and youth is a very present tree in Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics.

It is quite naturally that it has found a place of choice in Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics. Our birch trees are carefully chosen and picked in French forest managed in sustainable way.