Here we are, in the very heart of the care: lymphatic stimulation.

Esthetician makes softs movements thanks to specific brushes, by doing gentle pressure and a delicate taken of alternately.

It’s like a rhythmical dance which has as effect to stimulate and harmonize lymphatic circulation to give you a clear and fresh skin tone. Because each parcel of your body is related to the whole being, its benefits feedback your whole organism.

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The step of regeneration can now begin by application of intensives cares and a mask with regenerating character.

Then it’s time to take care of your décolletage by applying nourishing mask cream. Our esthetician invites you in a world of perfume and calmness, by doing fluid gesture with oil of exquisite fragrance. Finally, all the pressure disappears when she applies compresses on neck and shoulders.

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It’s time to bring you back to the real world, your treatment ends with a fresh and vivifying note by a “wakeup” stretching of your musculature.

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