Project Description

Relaxing Body Care « One hour for myself »

Experience this gentle, unique and rejuvenating massage.

Experience the art of touch in its purest form, a gentle, unique and rejuvenating massage. After a foot bath, under the protective envelope of silk, a gentle warmth leads you to let go. Little by little, in the silence of the treatment, like a wave, the gentle, rhythmic movements impart a movement in the depths of the body. The whole body benefits from this revitalising rocking, the muscles relax, a resourcing lightness settles in for good. Stress and anxiety disappear, giving way to a feeling of serenity and vitality that will stay with you long after the treatment.

  • Duration: 1 hour including 10 minutes rest

  • Price: € 90.00

  • 6 Complete Body Care Package / €450

  • Validity of the gift voucher: 1 year from the date of purchase

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