The beauty rendezvous

At La Closeraie Dr. Hauschka our estheticians will be pleased to give you beauty advices.

30min, free without appointments, a 11am and 5:30pm

Our next themes :

10/11 Lightness and vitality: The strength of rosemary and sage at the service of your legs and feet.

10/18 The perfect mouth: How to apply your red like a pro? Tuto in 3 steps.

10/25 Balance and breathing: Like a walk in a Landes pine forest. Breathing and balance guaranteed.

11/08 Softness and Harmony: The queen of flowers from every angle, soft and harmonious.

11/15 Freshness and Energy: Refresh yourself and regain your energy through the Bath, Oil and Lemon-Lemongrass Milk.

11/22 Elasticity and simplicity: Discover the virtues of sloe and quince through 3 emblematic products.

11/29 The strength of the night: Discover how colloidal silver and apple accompany your skin all night long.

06/12 Velvet Eyelids: How to add a touch of velvety pep to your Tuto eyelids in 3 steps..